Willowlynx SCADA

WillowLynx SCADA Solution

WillowLynx SCADA solution is the answer to contemporary telemetry, video and audio requirements. Whether it's small scale or large, there is a WillowLynx solution to suit your needs. With WillowLynx, you obtain a single integrated view of your entire installation and video resources. Users can view and interact with the entire system using a highly configurable 3D graphical interface and real-time video display of the remote site.

This software package is available in various platforms including Windows and Solaris. Servers running WillowLynx are capable of being configured in a primary/backup mode for redundancy. Workstations of different architecture can also be seamlessly interconnected across the network. Multiple-monitor displays give your operator more room to view and execute applications.

In addition to standard telemetry, video surveillance, control and monitoring functions, the WillowLynx SCADA package has the following features:

  • Multiple platforms supported: Windows, Solaris
  • Open architecture
  • Protocols supported:IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, DNP3, Modbus TCP/ASCII/RTU, OPC etc.
  • Communication: LAN/WAN, GSM, GPRS, DSL, SMS etc.
  • Numerous levels of fault tolerance
  • High performance 3D graphics and animation
  • User-friendly development and runtime interfaces
  • High performance real-time database
  • Integrated relational database
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • Audit trail
  • Reporting capability