Willowglen RTU

The key to staying competitive is to eliminate as much waste as possible. For us, that means looking at functions from a customer's standpoint. To propose practical products that do away with unnecessary frills. By moving away from selling products to selling experience, we designed our RTUs with complete flexibility to suit your unique requirements. You are assured of a system that is scalable in both size and functionality. A system that is completely relevant to your application.

Willowglen RTUs are equipped with integrated video inputs. Advanced data compression technique is used to store and transmit high quality video and audio data over low speed communication links. Willowglen RTUs and Communication Controller are facilitated with easy communication with the workstation and other intelligent devices using either industry standard MODBUS, IEC 870-5-101 or other protocols. Extensive network protocols and interface capabilities including TCP/IP, DHCP and PPP are also provided.