Waste Water Reclamation

Waste Water Reclamation

Various Pumping and Lifting Stations

Integrated SCADA System

The integrated SCADA system includes Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Interfacing System Gateways to monitor and control various used water pumping stations, odour control facility (OCF) drop shafts, air valve chambers (AVC), overflow flap valves (OFV), key network junctions (KNJ) and data from regional Water Reclamation Plants (WRP). It also exchanges operation data with other backend systems such as Geographical Information System (GIS) and Intelligent Water Management System (iWMS).

The integrated SCADA system enables the Authority to better manage used water network operation and resources. It also provides good information for planning and expansion of sewer pipelines to cater for future needs. The System supports redundant control centres, and enable operations from remote office(s).