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Willowglen was awarded the contract to upgrade the existing SCADA System for PowerGas Ltd. The contract includes upgrades of existing SCADA System and retro-fitting 540sqm of existing control room and office areas. The renovation work includes the supply of Ergonomics Chairs, State of the Art Console Tables, New Video Wall of 50” rear projection modular cube of 3x4 arrangements, CCTV and Bio-metric access for restricted areas, new duty-standby Air-condition System for the control room and server room with FM200 System protection and new Sprinkler system for the office areas.

The SCADA System was upgraded to incorporate Human Factor elements that comply with Abnormal Situation Management (ASM), EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2 for Management of Alarm Systems and ISA 99 Security for Industrial Automation and Control System. This is in-line with PowerGas’ requirements to fulfil the ISO27001 (2013).

Our SCADA System deployed in PowerGas Ltd is the first Utilities Company in Singapore to be ISO27001 (2013) certified.